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Tips You Should Follow While Painting Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet paint colors If you want to revamp your kitchen without spending much, then you should paint cabinets all by yourself. To complete the job perfectly, go for water-based paints like acrylic urethanes and acrylic alkyds. These can be cleaned with water and the smell would just be within the room. For better results, it’s recommended to use mini rollers and high-quality sprayers. So, when you’re ready, you should scroll down and skim through numerous tips.

  • Protect Countertops
  • You are bound to create a mess when you start painting kitchen cabinets. The best way to protect countertops or the floor is to cover it up with rosin or brown builder’s paper. Generally, you can procure a size measuring 35 inches x 140 feet. Later, once you’re done, you can use the leftover for future projects...

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Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Can Implement

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
A kitchen backsplash is nothing but a design created between the countertops and wall mounted cabinets. It serves the sole purpose of protecting walls from stains, especially around locations near the stove or the sink. You might have to empty your wallet when you plan for a backsplash. So, if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of individual, then you should have a look at these ideas.

  • Rustic Kitchen Backsplash
  • A rustic backsplash comprising of old pallets and reclaimed wood is sure to steal eyes of everyone around you. The project is surely the first on our list because it radiates a great look with inexpensive materials. After procuring old pallets and boards, you should clean them and later cut them into small rectangular pieces...

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends You Can Always Implement

Kitchen Remodeling Trends Kitchen remodeling actually requires special attention when you try trendy choices. In fact, nothing should appear outdated but should bring in value and last for long. So, to ensure that you utilize more, have a look at various kitchen remodeling trends.

  • Splash White
  • As per the findings of a well-known association, the color white has been the most preferred choice for cabinets. To update you a little ahead, the trend has been famous since the past two years. Households also think about white appliances because it’s never a pain during maintenance time. Additionally, the icy, cool look camouflages well with contemporary styles.

  • Go for gray
  • If you visit houses down the streets, then you would observe gray schemes increasing in number...

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