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KITCHEN BACKSPLASH IDEASBacksplashes can create a huge difference for your kitchen. You no longer have to spend extravagantly for the setup. So, if you are thinking about something that fits in your budget, then you can draw inspiration from the ideas listed below.

Eye-pleasing patterns

Classic subway tiles which cost as much as $2 per square foot can be the best material. The affordable tiles can help you create a herringbone pattern for adding more to the decor idea. As you seek assistance from an interior designer, the kitchen backsplash would certainly be trendy.

A neutral backdrop

If you prefer using encaustic tiles, then colorful kitchens are sure to boast a neutral backdrop. The horizontal boards would add enough visual interest in case the walls appear bland...

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Different Ways In Which You Can Light Up The Kitchen In Winter


As the winter season sets in, it’s quite necessary to brighten up the kitchen in a much better way. So, if you are looking for some inspiring ideas, then scroll ahead to know more. The interior designer has actually helped you to illuminate the space effectively.

Set up task lighting

It’s essential to have task lighting just above the stove. You can also think about installing fixtures for downlights. These could be high above the grid, the kitchen island or the countertop. For providing shadow-free task lighting, we suggest you go for an LED strip or under-cupboard lights.

Add decorative elements

Whether it’s a dining table or an island, decorative elements can surely help to enhance and diversify the lighting effect...

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Creative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Can Think For The Next Season

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

If you are not fond of white colored subway tiles, then there’s nothing to fret about. You can always seek options for creative backsplashes which are far beyond your expectations. Even if you are an amateur chef or have the habit of splattering pans, you should have an interest in a custom backsplash. But, with many appliances around the space, it makes sense to go for decorative options. So, here are some creative backsplash ideas you could go through for the season.


Beautiful photographs or a print backsplash can always complement your style. You can either consider a group of photos while you were enjoying the vacation or a detailed representation of the all time favorite flowers...

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