KITCHEN BACKSPLASH IDEASBacksplashes can create a huge difference for your kitchen. You no longer have to spend extravagantly for the setup. So, if you are thinking about something that fits in your budget, then you can draw inspiration from the ideas listed below.

Eye-pleasing patterns

Classic subway tiles which cost as much as $2 per square foot can be the best material. The affordable tiles can help you create a herringbone pattern for adding more to the decor idea. As you seek assistance from an interior designer, the kitchen backsplash would certainly be trendy.

A neutral backdrop

If you prefer using encaustic tiles, then colorful kitchens are sure to boast a neutral backdrop. The horizontal boards would add enough visual interest in case the walls appear bland. You could probably purchase sheets of plywood, cut them to the desired shape, and paste it on the boards.

Set up mosaic tiles

With the help of a tile adhesive, you can install mosaic tiles all by yourself. Well, you won’t be exceeding the budget because such kind of tiles cost $5 per square foot. For an upscale look, you can mix and match glass and mosaic tiles.

Classic touch

If you want your kitchen to boast something traditional, then you could probably plan ahead for a beaded-board backsplash. Make sure that the backsplash camouflages with the background. On the other hand, you can make it look prominent with a different color shade.

Opt for glass

In case you are planning for an affordable option, then you can think about a shimmering glass tile backsplash. Depending on the space, the tiles don’t cost more than $50. Consider mixing them with stone tiles so that you are in a better position to reduce your overall cost.

Use a map

It’s not necessary to use tiles for a kitchen backsplash. But, if you were wondering about a backsplash just behind the cooktop, then you could simply paste a vintage-style map on the wall. After all, the map complements your style and adds elegance to the kitchen.

Go for bricks

A simple reclaimed brick backsplash would serve to be a focal point for a kitchen full of concrete countertops. In case you want to enhance the beauty, then you could probably use brick veneer. As the expert does his job well, you can fix shelves and arrange white colored crockery.

A stenciled backsplash

If you want to really make your day, then motivational quotes on the wall could just be perfect. You could first paint the wall with a dark color and then etch quotes with the help of a stencil. Alternatively, you could create outlines of lip-smacking cuisines your little ones really enjoy eating.

To know more about cheap kitchen backsplash ideas, you should surf the internet and go through some blogs and articles.