Creative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Can Think For The Next Season

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

If you are not fond of white colored subway tiles, then there’s nothing to fret about. You can always seek options for creative backsplashes which are far beyond your expectations. Even if you are an amateur chef or have the habit of splattering pans, you should have an interest in a custom backsplash. But, with many appliances around the space, it makes sense to go for decorative options. So, here are some creative backsplash ideas you could go through for the season.


Beautiful photographs or a print backsplash can always complement your style. You can either consider a group of photos while you were enjoying the vacation or a detailed representation of the all time favorite flowers. To highlight the difference, you can paste a collage of destinations you have already visited in the past.

Salvaged Boards

If you are seeking to add a farmhouse style, then salvaged boards could be the best option. While such a kind of material is easier to source, it always looks great on light shade colored walls. Depending on your preferences, you can dilute the paint or apply a few more coats of bright paint.

Vintage Bottle Caps

Bottle caps help in creating an interest and are perfect for a vintage-inspired kitchen. As they come in different color shades, you can customize the caps based on the color scheme. Eventually, you won’t have to find anything special to impress the guests during the festive season.

Snow skis

For a funky or lodge-style kitchen, there’s nothing as better as salvaged downhill skis. You can find the skis at secondhand outlets, on online portals or at the garage sales. To pep up the space, you can mix and match colors and display something unique with different skis. Tile pieces can also be inserted to boast your own style.

Reclaimed barn wood

Though such kind of wood is not suitable for a kitchen backsplash, it might just exude style near a countertop or a desk. But, in case you are keen on using wooden planks, then try decorating with images just as you would arrange them in a photo frame.

Magnetic chalkboard paint

There a lot of versatility as you select magnetic chalkboard paint as one of the options. If you wish to keep yourself away from the standard classroom look, then you can always customize the paint color and avail the advantages of having magnetic chalkboard. Additionally, the board can be fixed with the help of a tape or a foam roller.

Sliced corks

It’s always better to take out wine corks if you have been stashing them inside the drawer or a container. As a backsplash, the sliced corks would add texture and warmth. Ideally, they would look great if you have set aside a bar area near the kitchen.

Tin Tiles

For a modern feel, it’s always better to go for a tin tile backsplash. You never have to think about any other décor idea because tin tiles are available in different finishes. In case you want to enhance the style, then try molded plastic panels. While you use them, you can always paint the surface with a color of your choice.

Mosaic pieces

Pieces of ceramic tiles can set the exact tone for a cottage-style kitchen. You can save money by searching for chipped pieces which no longer would be used. Since these are available at secondhand stores, you won’t have a tough time in finding them.

Do let us know your experience or get back to us if you have any other idea in your mind.