Different Tiles You Can Try For Your Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash TilesWhen you are thinking about redesigning your kitchen, the backsplash is the most important part. Regardless of the material you select, it’s always a decor idea that garners attention. As for style, flexibility, and application, tiles are among the preferred choices. Whether your backsplash goes right till the upper cabinets or way up high, you can always augment to the unique look by using mesmerizing tiles.

Laser-cut Tiles
Intricately cut with the help of lasers, such tiles for a kitchen backsplash help you present a better design. It would look very much similar to pieces arranged together in a puzzle. Before planning, take care of your budget. Usually, these tiles are made of marble, quartz or glass backed by gold or silver.

Mirror Tiles
If you desire your kitchen to boast a fresh look, then you can try out tiny mirrored tiles. Nothing is as perfect as these when a specific area requires an elegant touch. It would be somewhere around a buffet area, or the platform where you cook food. You can also add style where the serving station is set up.

Diagonal Tiles
Give ordinary designs a twist by placing tiles diagonally to each other. But, if that’s what you long for, then you may need 10 percent more tiles to complete the backsplash. Besides, a diagonal layout takes more time and is labor intensive. As the top and bottom portion needs to be cut carefully, the designer may increase the cost a bit more.

Herringbone tiles
Add some extra texture with tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern. Such tiles can be purchased easily along with the mesh, a backing material that keeps the tiles in place. Remember, with such a pattern, you would be able to finish everything quickly. Time won’t be wasted in laying down every individual piece.

Specialty-shaped tiles
Think out of the box and don’t limit your ideas. Search for a manufacturer that offers a variety of backsplash tiles for kitchen. With a bustling market, you should have no problems in searching for a suitable supplier. Certainly, it would take less time avail the shape and color you have been seeking.

Subway tiles
For a timeless appeal, you can always select the subway tiles among a mixed bag of designs. The name comes from the tiles used in subway stations across different countries. So, set up tiles all the way to give the kitchen a modern and fresh look.

Custom mosaic tiles
If you are willing to spend extravagantly, then go for a design that speaks your own style. You can very well manage by using mosaic tiles which can be cut separately. At the end, you would be having a stunning design just as you planned for.

Large-pattern tiles
Bold patterns have never faded away. Try thinking big for your kitchen walls. You can customize the design with large tiles just like wallpapers. But, with such tiles, you have to be creative just to lay them on the wall and make the design look uniform.

Finally, it’s all up to what you prefer. Some designs can be bought from a manufacturer while others can be completed by requesting an artist.