Different Types Of Kitchen Backsplashes You Ought To Know

Kitchen Backsplash IdeasPersonal attention should be given whenever it’s time for a kitchen backsplash. It shouldn’t look bland or else you would be repent sometime later. So, if you’re confused on what should be set up, then go through the types collated below.

  • Ceramic Backsplash
  • With a ceramic backsplash, you can actually mix and match colors. On the other hand, you can stay natural by incorporating a rugged look. Since this is the best option, once you purchase tiles, you can also avail a set of accessories. As for the cost, you can increase or decrease it depending on the budget. You may only have to spend little when you want something fancy.

  • Glass Tile Backsplash
  • Kitchen BacksplashesIf you want your kitchen to show off an urbane look, then you should go for a glass tile kitchen backsplash. Since glass reflects light, you are sure to illuminate your kitchen well. Once the design is set, you would have to spare little time for maintenance. You can enjoy the trend even when seasons keep changing during the year.

  • Metal Tile Backsplash
  • Metal backsplash tiles are nothing but large ceiling tiles that help you incorporate ideas for kitchen backsplash. Though the design was popular in the past, you would surely find the backsplash in many apartments. You can get the job done flawlessly with the help of smaller metal tiles. Interior designers suggest people to opt for stainless steel subway tiles which stick easily to the wall. But, you would have to live up with a downside. Metal develop scratches quickly and you are left with no options when maintenance is concerned.

  • Travertine Tile Backsplash
  • Travertine tile backsplash beautifies your kitchen with a vintage yet somber look. Since stone is light in weight, it’s easier to install and you need to fill pits to make it for a smooth finish. Well, travertine is pretty expensive and you should be generous enough to spend more money. Moreover, you have to maintain the design regularly through a sealant.

  • Faux Metal / Thermoplastic Backsplash

When you can’t spend much time for installation, a plastic backsplash is what you can prefer. It’s always a cakewalk because plastic can be cut with kitchen scissors and can be stuck by using a double-sided tape. As for the material, it’s easily available in form of metal panels which measure 24.5 inches in length and 18.5 inches in breadth. But, the downside of the design is that plastic backsplashes can deform when they get exposed to 140 degrees F heat. This implies that you can’t set them behind gas burners or stoves.
Before winding up, a homeowner should consider the expenses when he or she thinks about setting a backsplash. He can save more through online portals which offer material at the best price.