Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Can Implement

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
A kitchen backsplash is nothing but a design created between the countertops and wall mounted cabinets. It serves the sole purpose of protecting walls from stains, especially around locations near the stove or the sink. You might have to empty your wallet when you plan for a backsplash. So, if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of individual, then you should have a look at these ideas.

  • Rustic Kitchen Backsplash
  • A rustic backsplash comprising of old pallets and reclaimed wood is sure to steal eyes of everyone around you. The project is surely the first on our list because it radiates a great look with inexpensive materials. After procuring old pallets and boards, you should clean them and later cut them into small rectangular pieces. You can later fix these just like mosaic tiles found in washrooms or toilets. If you possess the skill of painting wood, then you can play around with some dark shades. Alternatively, you can also apply varnish to mirror a shiny look.

  •  Wine Cork Kitchen BacksplashKitchen Backsplash Ideas
  • Everything seems out of the way when you opt for a wine cork kitchen backsplash. For a design with warm tones, it’s awesome when you use corks packed along its length. While there are many ways to try, the easiest way is to paste the corks on a board and later fix it on the kitchen wall. In case you need to enhance the visual appeal, then you can paint the base and create a colorful mesh. Certainly, you would be ready with a DIY kitchen backsplash.

  • Wallpaper Backsplash
  • If you don’t have the time or money to spare, then you should consider pasting vinyl wallpaper. While simple paper can chip off due to water splashes, vinyl wallpaper is waterproof and stays intact in a humid environment. Well, it’s also easier to maintain the design. Wiping off dust with a soft cloth is all that you need to do.

  •  Colored glass Backsplash
  • While you remodel your kitchen, you can always think about sprucing the space with colored glass. This is one of the best kitchen backsplash ideas which not only protects walls but also brighten up the area. Once again, if you can’t take time away from your tasks, then visit the local glass shop and purchase a 36 inch sheet of back painted / polished glass. You would be set once glass in fixed on the wall.

  • Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash
  • If you want walls to reflect a multicolored look, then you can create a collage of tiles varying in shades. Certainly, you would be striking a difference and enhancing the attention to the kitchen. Once you source the right tiles, you would be done within a matter of steps. While the project is budget-friendly and simple to implement, the results are fantastic.

  •  Stone Kitchen Backsplash
  • When you hear about such a type of design, stones of different sizes are arranged in a unique way. Initially, you need to apply grout and make the wall smooth. Afterwards, you need to position stones till you cover the entire area. Always prefer an interlocking design pattern when you cement these stones.

    Hope you have drawn inspiration from these backsplash ideas. Feel free to suggest if you have anything else in your mind.