Everything You Ought To Know About A Stone Kitchen Backsplash

Stone Kitchen BacksplashIf you want to entice guests, then a stone backsplash is perfect for the kitchen space. But, you should know everything about stones before making the great choice. So, to assist you, we have collated the pros and cons of the stone kitchen backsplash.


  • Timeless appeal
  • If you’re remodeling your kitchen to fetch a resale value in future, then you should try natural stone backsplash. Stones like marble and travertine are timeless and are always admired by anyone stepping inside your home. Even when you plan to sell the apartment in five, 10 or 15 years, the backsplash idea is sure to appeal a huge number of households.

  • Unique
  • The beauty behind the backsplash is that it can never be the same like the one next door. Even when two pieces sport the same color, variation is the natural property of stones. Everything that you set up would belong to your kitchen. You would always boast a unique style when experiment with natural stone.

  • Economical
  • It never cost a fortune when you plan for a stone kitchen backsplash. Everything is managed under your budget. For example, Travertine is available as subway tiles, 4 by 4 or mosaic. Comparatively, these are inexpensive and affordable. Excluding installation costs, the styles fall anywhere between 4 and 8 dollars per square foot. Actually, that’s the real bargain when you go through backsplashes.

  • Various colors
  • All stones appear beautiful owning to the color. Marble normally boasts a white color while granite sports a dark Stone Kitchen Backsplashshade. On the other hand, materials like slate range from light to dark gray. You can feel the effect when purple, green and red stones are mixed with the material. Finally, you can show off a color contrast and bring a delight on those special occasions.

  • Tough to maintain
  • It’s quite difficult to maintain stone because it requires little grease than glass mosaic. It always a challenge when you need to clean pits and grooves. Besides, you have to be wary when you are purchasing cleaning products. Certain chemicals are likely to discolor stones. Warm water and a special cleaner can help you wind up the job. But, before you bust out, you should always go through manufacturer guidelines.

  • Stain-friendly
  • It’s evident that stones are porous. They tend to absorb stains which exist in the cooking area. So, it’s quite important to seal the stone year after year to protect it from grime and grease. While some families hardly have time and patience for maintaining the design, cooks might want a backsplash that doesn’t get spoiled due to stains. In fact, they might not prefer working if the design spoils the entire show.

  • More variation
  • You can never predict the results with natural stone. The fitting might appear radically different than the one observed at the local retailer. Usually, households select natural stone for a diversified look. But, sometimes you might develop a different feeling when colors and patterns matter most. You either have to go back to square one or live with what’s already set up.
    Hope the aforementioned points help you make up your mind. If there’s anything you’d like to ask, do let us know.