How To Maintain A Glass Tile Backsplash

Kitchen Glass Tile BacksplashGlass tiles are always popular when kitchen remodeling comes into the picture. While they are cost-effective for designing the kitchen backsplash they are durable and stain resistant. Nevertheless, you need to maintain them frequently when shiny surfaces show water spots and fingerprints. So, to help you out, here’s a guide to retain the luminous quality of glass mosaic tiles.

Whenever it’s time to clean a kitchen glass tile backsplash, always use non-abrasive cleaning products. These would avoid scratches on the beautiful design. For the shimmering look, mix water and vinegar in equal proportions. Later, spray the solution and leave it for 10 minutes. If stains are caused due to hard water, then wipe the tiles dry with a soft brush or cloth soaked in cold water.Kitchen Glass Tile Backsplash

For marks, stains or calcium deposits caused by hard water, use white vinegar and baking soda. Firstly, you should pour vinegar over the stained area and sprinkle baking powder. Later, wait for sometime till the chemical reaction causes bubbles. Finally, after washing the tiles with cold water, wipe them dry. Using toothpaste could also be another option. But, do be careful because toothpaste may damage the tiles since it is more abrasive than any other cleaning agent.

Washing kitchen backsplashes is as similar to washing mosaic tiles in your bathroom. You don’t need a cleaning solution when a half teaspoon of detergent and warm water can serve the purpose. Soon after you have prepared the mixture, use a damp cloth for cleaning. Later, wipe the glass tile backsplash with a piece of cloth dipped in cold water.

Tackling grout can be quite difficult especially when tiles are porous in nature. On a regular basis, spray a mixture of warm water and vinegar. Remember to prepare the solution by measuring the liquids in equal quantities. Allow the solution to settle down for five minutes. Later, scrub rigorously with the help of a soft toothbrush. For better results, add baking soda and water prior to the foregoing mixture. If you observe mold, then use a grout cleaner or clean with bleaching powder and water mixed in the ratio 1:3. At the end, you’re done once you scrub with a soft-bristled brush, rinse and wipe the tile spick and span.

You should never consider a glass tile design to be best among the lot. Everything that shimmers is not just because of tiles. Glass also comes into the picture when you’re all set with the kitchen backsplash. In order to secure your investment, you should follow the above mentioned cleaning tips. You should always aim at enhancing luminosity and shiny look for the years to come. As mentioned earlier, cleaning tiles should be one of your household chores. You shouldn’t run away from the task when you know it’s time consuming and tedious.