Kitchen Backsplash DIY

Kitchen Backsplash DIY

Decorating every corner of the home is fun and passion for many people. Kitchen Backsplash is the perfect corner where you can doa lot with your creative ideas.However, stylish kitchen backsplash can make a big hole in your pocket. Thus, we have come up with some diy backsplash ideas for those who cannot afford cost involved in a professional installation.
Before we start discussing about several kitchen backsplash diy ideas, below are key considerations you should keep in mind such as;



It would be much better to decide the budget for any type of diy backsplash projects to avoid extra expense. So, first make decision that how much you can spend from your pocket and stick to it from start to end.


Choosing a material in a budget can be a daunting task for every homeowners. However, professionals suggestvinyl wallpaper and clear glass placed over wallpaper as affordable material for diy kitchen backsplash projects on strict budget.


Kitchen backsplash diy can be done in many different ways and styles. Choose one style that can express your personal passion and can justify above mentioned two key points as well.

Bring New Design to your Kitchen with these Easy DIY Backsplash Ideas



Pegboard Backsplash

Now kitchen queens can store and display more in backsplash area with pegboard style backsplash design. Installation may take hardly four to five hours even for novice. What you need to do is just attached panels of your chosen material and design to the walls and apply hooks as per your need where you can hang kitchen gadgets.



Photo Gallery Backsplash

How it would be if you can enjoy your best memories while you are cooking? Isn’t it great idea! Yes, of course, photo gallery backsplash can make it real. Take one thin piece of plywood and covered it with your chosen fabric, then attached your favorite photo frames with hook and loop tape. Just pay more attention on the color combinations of fabric and photo frames that go well with the kitchen design. At last, affixed everything to the walls with just few screws, and you done!

Burlap Backsplash

It lets your favorite recipes in front of your eyes. In this type of diy backsplash, you can even use alternative material of burlap. You can mention inspirational quotes, poems, stories or favorite lines that spread positive vibes in your kitchen.

Vinyl Tablecloth Backsplashtablecloth

Tablecloth backsplash is the best option for those who like vintage style in kitchen. Installation requires no skills and with the use of right tools it can be done in matter of minutes. You have plenty of design options and materials available to use in tablecloth backsplash. It is one of the most convenient and affordable diy kitchen backsplash ideas.



salvagedwoodSalvaged Wood Backsplash

The most suitable option for cottage style lovers. It is the versatile diy backsplash idea that can give different textures and styles to your kitchen walls. Cut wood pieces in require sizes and attached over thin plywood sheet, then screw it all on the walls. That’s it, your cottage style wood backsplash is ready!
In brief, possibilities for diy kitchen backsplash ideas are endless and depends on your passion. You can make experiments with kitchen backsplash designs according to your budget and style. The best thing about kitchen backsplash is that you can install and remove it at any time as per your need.