Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

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Smart way to apply kitchen backsplash tiles

It is always said that kitchen is the heart of the home where family members meet up every day. It is the place where the guests gather mostly at the time of party. So making it special, distinctive and beautiful will reflect your taste and making it so thorough kitchen backsplash tiles are the most convenient way. It not only gives an extra elegance to your kitchen but also will protect your kitchen walls from the splashes of water at the time of your work which may leave a black spot in the wall. It will also be very easy for you to wipe the walls after applying the tiles.

Materials of kitchen backsplash tiles-

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles
Normally backsplash tiles are made of granite, silestone, corian and stainless steel. But apart from that there are numerous other materials are present like glass, natural stone, mosaics etc.

Now there are several patterns and tiles are present to design your kitchen. There are numerous interior decorators; you can seek for their help also. But the question lies after choosing your one how to fix it. There is some quick guide to fix your kitchen backsplashes tiles-

Tools and materials to use-

Hammer, trowel, chisel, grout float, mixing bit, screw gun, 1 bag white grout, 1 bag thinset and last but not the least the kitchen backsplash tiles.
Steps to follow-

1. Now if you want to remodel your kitchen then you have to first scrap out the older backsplash tiles with flat scrapers and if you want to install it for first time then make sure that the space is clean of debris.
2. Before start fixing inspect the place carefully. The place should be clean of debris and older tiles are totally removed. For that you can also use backer board.
3. After that apply some thinset adhesive to the wall. After that comb the adhesive with the help of trowel, square notched. But mind it you have to comb it keeping your trowel at a 45- degree angle. Actually this is done to set the proper thickness of the thinset adhesive.
4. Now you have to smooth the comb marks from the adhesive otherwise if you use the glass tiles then marks will be visible.
5. Now place the tiles and give a little push. You can use the spacer to see whether the tiles are uniformly spaced or not.

6. After the tiles installation completed then leaves it with mastic set up for the whole night.
7. Now before start work for the next day make sure that the mastic has dried completely.
8. Now apply some grout mixture to the crevices and abscond it for at least five hours. But keep in mind that you have to apply grout to the tiles at 45 degree angle.
9. Now you have to remove the haze on the tiles by using sponge. Before doing this make sure that the grout is cured enough.
Kitchen Backsplash Tiles
Now the tiles are ready for you. But it is always advised not to use the kitchen, after fixing the new kitchen backsplash tiles, for a day. Now step a few steps back and enjoy the great look of your kitchen backsplash tiles.

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