kitchen paint colors for 2018As kitchens serve their role to be a gathering place, homeowners would soon make the space beautiful with vibrant color contrasts. In fact, according to an executive director of a color institute, kitchens render a different feel once colors are mixed and matched. So, if you aren’t aware about the latest color trends, then you must go through what we have stated below.

Splash some bold color

Generally, appliances boast shades of black or white. So, when you have minimal wall space to make it look extraordinary, you can distinguish yourself by splashing bold colors. This would actually help you flaunt with your own style statement without disturbing everything else. As far as bold colors are concerned, it would light pastel colors or those which you would observe with natural gemstones like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

Over a period of time, bolder colors actually look great with stainless steel and dark colored cabinets. For instance, you might complement a stainless steel sink with a burnt orange countertop or cupboards that sport coffee color.

Go for subtle colors

Adding color doesn’t imply that you should play around with bright shades. For creating a different atmosphere, you can always try a combination of subtle colors. Warm colors like apricot, and red would remain to be popular when family members are seeking comfort around the kitchen. What would surely make the trend different is how you paint the walls as per inventive ways. The cool pink looks presentable and adds a twist to a traditional rustic design. To enhance the interest, you are most welcome to use natural background textures such as rattans. But, if you are thinking out-of-the-box, then stay from combinations you see in restaurants and retail stores.

Try fresh new shades

Just recently, professionals have come up with eight color palettes, which blend old color shades as well as new hues. So here’s what we suggest when you have a desire to splash color on the walls.


If you are seeking to boost comfort and trying to boast an appealingly country side style, then you can go for tender green r warm yellow accentuated by vibrant pink.


For those whimsical hues that make you happy to strike the difference, accent the home with exuberant color shades. As for the palette, it comprises of blends of daiquiri green and chocolate. To pep up and embellish the space, dollops of bright hues could just be your choice.

Ethnic Chic

Over a period of time, style always makes you aware of adding a new level of sophistication. The difference comes into the picture when deep purple is paired with stone gray as well as misty yellow. On the other hand, you can always insist the contractor to juxtapose orange against dark brown and sky blue.

Hope you now in a better position to paint walls of your kitchen. Do go through the kitchen paint colors for 2018 to check what would be suitable for your house.