kitchen wall covering ideas

Kitchen space as an expression of love and unity.

Kitchen Wall Covering Ideas

Kitchen is one of the most active spaces in a home. There are a several types of materials available to cover the kitchen wall to make them more attractive and look designer. To design a kitchen from ground would prove to be an expensive affair; however there are load of wall covering ideas that could give kitchen a fresh and a new look. Kitchen backsplash ideas have a load of material to choose from like glass, to ceramic, to wood, to wall paper, to paint and metal. Wall coverings are easy to configure and economical to be changed at short notice period.

Kitchen is the power house of any home; users interact with kitchen space to build and transfer energy. Thus the space is important to govern the focus of the house. The walls of kitchen connect the counter top to the wall cabinets. The walls have a story to tell; as they enclose a space give detail and depth of field to the space. These kitchen walls if addressed well can prove to be inviting to cook food or simply spend some time in the space. These backsplash spaces give load of room to express creativity. The moderator is always looking for materials that could be wiped off easily. Ceramic tiles, glass tiles and metal provide a durable low maintenance option to address the problem while preserving the sophisticated look.

kitchen wall covering ideasA kitchen wall covered with stone builds a very warm texture & reception; but it would be difficult to clean the stone surface. Ceramic tile on the other side offer a cheap low maintenance solution with load of combinations to choose from. Ceramic & glass tiles have texture and gloss to give kitchen wall a very classic & contemporary look. From a designers perspective kitchen spaces are a difficult time problem to resolve because of a load of options. Wood & stone wall covering gives a natural look to the kitchen space and adds to the depth of field. Metal and stainless steel wall coverings provide a robust versatile and post modern look to the kitchen space. However expensive options like metal and stainless steel mark strength and add durability to a kitchen.

Overall kitchen spaces are difficult but not so complicated to design; all the solutions offer simplicity at its best. One can use wallpaper that looks like stone texture but keeps surface flat which is easy to wipe. Otherwise one could use stone tiles, or stone wall cladding to make them look real. Melamine wall paneling offers another option which is light in weight and easy to install. Kitchen spaces give identity to the house; the kitchen walls have to relate and reflect to the overall house design to bring in synergy & continuity of spaces. The kitchen wall coverings define the interaction between the different spaces in the house and the wall coverings provide different visual interpretation to stimulate the overall utility & unity.