Materials You Can Try For Your Kitchen Backsplash

kitchen backsplash ideasIt might actually be tough to design a backsplash in the most different and the unique way. But, if that’s what is worrying you most, then you can manage everything cost effectively. While the ways compiled below are perfect for tenants, you can also implement them and come up with backsplash ideas for a kitchen.


If you are looking for some extra storage as well as display space, then a pegboard backsplash should be your choice. You need to source durable panels from the market and then fix them on the wall. Later, buy some hooks from a hardware store and fix them at different locations. These would actually help you to hand utensils, tools, and essential kitchen gadgets.

Picture Frames

You can always think creatively while you design a photo gallery backsplash. Firstly, you should procure thin plywood and cover it with the fabric of your choice. The second step would be to attach picture frames with the help of a hook-and-loop tape. Once you’re done, you should fasten the entire thing on the wall. To add to the visual appeal, you can add snaps or cut-outs of your favorite destinations.


Other than using maps as wrapping paper, you can use them and paste them on the piece of plywood. Alternatively, you can also use comic strips or magazine covers. Just make sure that the piece is of the exact size. Once you have stuck the paper on top, remember to apply a coat of shellac, a resin that acts as a varnish. Once dried naturally, fix the plywood on the wall. When you select paper, think about something that’s opaque and not translucent.

Vinyl Tablecloth

There’s nothing as beautiful as vinyl tablecloth if you want your kitchen to boast a vintage look. The cloth backed by a blue-delft pattern can always create a different charm. With colors complementing designs, you can always think about endless possibilities. Once done, you would be happy with a backsplash just within your budget. The design would be easier to maintain because you would be covering the wall with a cloth.


For lip-smacking cuisines right under your eyesight, you can go for burlap with frequently prepared recipes as the backdrop. This is nothing but a cloth woven from jute, hemp or similar sort of fiber. Ensure that you paste burlap firmly or else it could come off easily. As an alternative, you can use torn paper bags if burlap is not readily available in the market.


Salvaged wood sourced from worn out boards can also help you make a different backsplash. Once you cut the wood according to the area, molding should also be cut to a certain size. Later, after fixing molding on wood, screw the entire thing on the wall.

Before winding up, be sure to use an adhesive that can keep the backdrop in its place. Manage everything slowly and never be in a hurry to implement kitchen backsplash ideas.