Steps You Need To Follow For Removing Ceramic Tile Backsplashes

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Learning the way to remove a ceramic tile backsplash can help you save time and minimizes the damage on countertops. Rather than skills, you need to spare time and some extra patience. Initially, you could start off with a small area until and unless you become adept with every kind of task. Once you are comfortable, you can move on with the remaining tiles gradually. So, here’s what you need to follow even the space boasts one of the best kitchen backsplash designs.

Prepare the tile

Start off by cleaning the entire backsplash with a cleaning agent. Make sure you soak the sponge in the agent for four to five minutes and then wrapped in a towel. Just take care that you use plenty of solution to completely wipe away the grout and elbow grease if it’s required. It would sound senseless but cleaning removes debris or else the tiles could dislodge and cause damages. You might be surprised at what might come out once the tiles have been removed. You might land up in a serious situation when you are trying to pull off the tiles.

Clear away grout

Before you use the grout removal tool, you should wear thick gloves and protective glasses. Such kind of safety gears would protect your hands and prevent dust particles from entering your eyes. Well, you would have to take breaks because this is supposed to be the longest step. Digging the removal tool and slowly removing it should be the first step. Never be hasty but go ahead with a slow pace. If you try to be fast, then there’s every chance of creating a mess and your hand getting injured. Soon after the grout is cleared away, you can proceed with loosening the tile.

Loosen the Tile

The biggest mistake most homeowners commit is that they right away remove the tile backsplash with thinking twice. However, in order to reduce the damages, you must first place the putty knife behind the tile you begin with. Later, you can tap the end slightly with the help of a rubber mallet. Don’t apply pressure or don’t alter the knife’s position. Once you are successful in removing the tile, you can then move with the next step. Be careful when you are inserting the knife. If you can’t manage the task all by yourself, then it’s better to request someone who possesses essential skills.

Remove the tile

Position the putty knife once again just below the tile. Pry the tile to the best extent until it is detached. Once it pops off from the sheetrock, throw away the debris in the bin and move on with the next tile. You might have to be slow in doing the entire task. But, once you have understood the tact and the knack, you would be proficient in managing the task. You would be moving on swiftly and be happy to complete the task within the estimated time.

Hope you have learned how to remove a ceramic tile kitchen backsplash. Do share your experiences and if you have any other way in your mind.