Things You Need To Consider For A Modern Brick Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes are observed to be extremely effective for protecting walls from a water splash. In case you have decided to go for a brick backsplash for your kitchen, then here are a few ideas you can certainly consider.

Personalize the design

A backsplash for a kitchen can be a term thought about with a broader perspective. In case you are comfortable with a traditional kitchen, then it’s completely fine. But if you wish to show off style, then you should always consider the right kind of material and the color shade along with the design.

Select a different color

It’s always better to skip the classic red shade in case the backsplash design is made from bricks or faux. If you like diagonals strips or rainbow colors, then you should definitely try them out. After all, a kitchen is a place where you are motivated to cook recipes and drink a cup of coffee with your loved ones.

Try to establish a balance

The secret behind an eye-pleasing backsplash comes only when you try to establish a balance between the countertop, the brick kitchen backsplash, and the floor. In fact, this is a trick when you are looking forward to managing household chores in a cozy kitchen.

Choose thin bricks

Backsplash bricks should be thinner than the ones used at construction sites. This feature helps you to fix the bricks at almost every position you had ever imagined. On the other hand, you would be happy in creating a 3D backsplash design when you use bricks differing in thickness. But, in the end, you should always make sure that the backsplash complements your style and enhances the visual appeal.

Think about brick patterns

Once you have selected the bricks, you should always be creative with patterns by placing them at the desired angle. To make the backsplash look unique, you can either lay them down vertically, horizontally or festoon them with colorful stickers. Do know that a simple design would only look attractive when you try a totally different combination.

Opt for faux brick sliding

Instead of fixing panels, brick sliding offers a smarter way to spruce up your kitchen. When the bricks are cut to the required size, it’s worth to go for brick sliding. This option is affordable because you won’t have to spend time with the interior designer.

Rustic backsplash solutions

As you figure out the theme when your cabinets are made from rustic oak wood, you can use red bricks. To retain the modern flair, you can use lighting fixtures or think out-of-the-box.

Finally, bricks help you add beauty through a traditional setting. Instead of red bricks, you can select your favorite color shade that would look great for the environment. Brick backsplashes are sure to capture the attention whenever you think about a gloomy kitchen. Always select a light shade or else you won’t be able to create a long-lasting impression.