Tips and Ideas For A Cottage Kitchen Backsplash

cottage kitchen backsplash

Regardless of whatever it might be; a contemporary French, Tuscan or an American twist, a country style kitchen certainly enhances the style quotient for your house. As it is observed with most of the backsplashes, the decor ideas must complement the countertop and the cabinets. Fortunately, there are different options to choose from. So, here are some tips and ideas when you are planning for a cottage kitchen backsplash.

Stone Tiles

It’s quite easy to come up with a creative idea when you source natural tiles. Owing to the versatility and the available options, stone tiles are sure to create a different vibe that is actually stylish. As you gain confidence with the set of options, you can try to mix and match backsplash and countertop tiles.

While granite tiles look great on any kind of countertops, the material can certainly add on to the color contrast and make the space look even more beautiful. If you wish the kitchen to boast a unique pattern, then mosaic tiles could just be the right option. In the end, you would give yourself a pat on your back once the guests are fascinated with the decor idea.

Ceramic tiles

Since many years, ceramic tiles have always been popular when country style kitchen designs were considered. Try out a set of ceramic tiles along with semi-gloss tiles if you are bothered about the visual appeal. Besides, you can choose white subway tiles just in case you want to augment style in the best possible way. When you are planning to shop for subway tiles, make sure you select the most appropriate shapes and check the quality. As you visit the nearest outlets, the range of color shades would certainly make you think about unique kitchen backsplash ideas.

Metallic tiles

Metal is always considered to be an element when the design has to be thought about for a cottage in France. Among the most popular metals, you can always think about pewter, copper, and bronze. Alternatively, you can spruce up the kitchen with tiles that have a metallic coating on its surface. Think about metal backsplash ideas only if the area is not behind a stove.

Whenever you’re using a unique backsplash material, then you should play around with the design elements. For instance, nickel plated faucets look great when the kitchen has a mosaic tile backsplash. You can also opt for Caspian tiles in case the kitchen had a gray countertop, chrome faucets, and a stainless steel sink.

If you can’t manage everything within your budget, then it’s always a good idea to use bricks for the different feel you had always been thinking about. But, before taking any step further, you must note down the backsplash ideas and then move ahead to test the design. Style, texture, and color are some of the elements you should always consider. After all, you shouldn’t be thinking twice before investing time and money.