Tips To Consider For Brick Kitchen Backsplash Designs

brick kitchen backsplash design

Gone are those days, when brick walls had to be hidden by modern finesse. They no longer need to appear uncanny when households were keen to add a unique element. But, even though are tough to clean, you should reconsider them whenever you are remodeling your kitchen.

Brick walls create a cozy ambiance that serves as a beautiful backdrop. Styles galore when you need to make it for an overwhelming experience. So, if you can’t figure out even after racking your mind, then scroll down to know more about diverse ways.

  • An exposed brick wall brings in the aura of a contemporary trend. It not only highlights architectural features but also defines space. The look can be accentuated with a beautiful backsplash backed by tiles. At the end, the kitchen is sure to flaunt a glossy finish with bold colors across the walls. When everything in its place, the design would steal attention and eyes year after year.
  • Though it might appear strange, brick walls brings in charm and timeless allure. You would be renewing the idea of loft-style kitchens when brick kitchen backsplash design in on your mind. The decorating elements and rugged aesthetics are something homeowners embrace.
  • A brick wall backdrop complements open shelves, custom islands and cabinets. You can highlight industrial style through wooden shelves, cabinets, and an island with a stainless steel countertop. Polished countertops, trendy surfaces, and modern appliances transform the room into a contemporary hub.
  • Kitchen Backsplash IdeasBefore embracing a brick wall design, structural integrity is one of the factors you should consider. While some might support heavy cupboards, others may need to be reinforced before a kitchen overhaul. But if you’re bothered about style, then exposed brick walls go well with almost any type of cabinet. Maroon, red or dark green backsplash adds on to a countryside look.
  • Depending on what you want to reflect, use sealant when you think about brick kitchen backsplash design. This could either be a glossy or matte finish. Finally, this idea would help you preserve beauty and help you clean brick walls within minutes. You can also add texture to brick walls by blending it with a color scheme. While you can use gray for contemporary kitchens, white paint would work well for a whitewashed brick wall. It would be not only eye pleasing but also enticing in every way.
  • With brick walls, you can opt either for contemporary, industrial or transitional style. Many designers go beyond the conventional trend. They add a unique twist through classic styles. You can make up your mind by selecting from rustic, vintage, Victorian, coastal, farmhouse and Mediterranean style. With kitchen being the soul of every residence, you would embrace a change that’s different from the rest. The setting is sure to create a mood and transform fun packed evenings into a memorable occasion.

Hope these tips help you fuse past and present trends. A modern influence would be noticed when you are preparing for a social event.