Vitrified tiles

Ceramic tile

When it comes to giving your home an exquisitely present day and refreshing look, vitrified tiles are the best alternative. These tiles are made through a procedure called vitrification. The procedure combines 40% clay and 60% silica. The procedure of vitrification gives added components to this item. Because of the higher extent of silica, these tiles are non-porous and amazingly hard. They don’t allow water to seep through the floor making it highly productive. With vitrified tiles you will never have objection of discoloration and scratches.
Vitrified tiles

Vitrified tiles can be put to several uses. They are an extraordinary alternative for floors, wall coverings, back splashes, d├ęcor and even bathrooms. Owing to its ability to resist water, they are appropriate for kitchens and bathrooms. Adding to all the benefits of this tile, another unique advantage is that they are greatly simple to install. Because of this straightforwardness in establishment, mortgage holders and installers can set aside on a considerable measure of time and cash. Vitrified tiles are stuffed with unlimited advantages that function work to draw any decision maker to settle on his decision in the support of this product.

Vitrified tiles have only one disadvantage these Vitrified tiles are not available in various colors and shades.


Vitrified tiles Changes in moisture level or temperature does not contract or expand the tiles not at all like it does to a wooden ground surface.

You can make utilization of spacers to make uniform gapes at the season of settling them or filling them.
Vitrified tiles No maintenance is required. Everything you need to do to care for your tiles is scope them.

Some cleaning Tips

To keep dusts away, you can utilize floor mats at entrance points.

Do not make utilization of unforgiving chemical solvents or cleaners on the tiles.
Vitrified tiles
Scrape out cracked or dusty joints and refill them at any rate once consistently with the goal that they are maintained in great condition. Moist cleaning is additionally fitting.

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